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Hatred, a game which evokes hatred and controversy not just in its own gaming world even outside it. The game is predominantly hated by humanists, my little pony fans, unprofessional journalists and minecraft gamers. But this game has laid again the groundwork for that, whereof were games in the past and it is furious shooting at everything, that moves, and that furious shooting which you can chill out with after a hard day. The game became very popular especially thanks to an Adult Only label and execution cinematics in trailers. However, there aren’t much execution cinematics in the game itself currently, and murdering civilians isn’t different from for example Counter Strike or Call of Duty. Otherwise you can turn off execution cinematics in options if it isn’t comfortable for you. The game shouldn’t get the Adult Only label but rather Pure Gamers Only label, because gamers aren’t psychopaths. Psychopaths are completely different people.

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Currently the technical side of this game isn’t perfect. There are many glitches, and it happened to me two times that I was respawned outside the map, and I had to kill myself with a grenade – thanks God I had some! Authors of this game apparently don’t know how to use the Unreal Engine 4, in which the game was made, properly because the performance is very badly optimized. Sometimes you will have very low FPS even though you have a very high-end PC. Unfortunately, this is purely developers fault, but I believe that they will work on it, as it’s an interesting indie studio.

The graphic in this game is very acceptable for me personally. I like the monochromatic atmosphere of this game, which totally takes you into the gloomy atmosphere of cold-blooded murders. The psychics in the game works great too and lots of different games should take the example from demolition options in this game. Explosions are absolutely beautiful and in detail processed. I haven’t seen such well made explosions for a long time. The environment or levels, which are overall seven, are beautifully designed, and it worth to explore all, because otherwise you would miss interesting places. There are lots of side quests but no one will takes you to these interesting places. Completing side quests gives you respawn points which is like a checkpoint. You can choose from 3 different difficulties – easy, hard and extreme.


There aren’t many weapons but it correspond more to the reality. Matter of course is handgun, SMG, rifle and even a rocket launcher. There are 3 types of throwing explosive projectiles – a grenade, a Molotov cocktail and a stun grenade. In options you can change the colour and type of the crosshair. Especially well processed is flamethrower. It just phenomenally burns and burning people will entertains you. But it’s a shame that you won’t enjoy the flamethrower much in this game. You can also drive a police car or a military vehicle but they are too vulnerable and blow up very fast. It’s a shame that you can’t use common cars in neighborhood.

The games audio perfectly complements the atmosphere and it’s well set in each level. Especially in the Train level and Power Plant level music fits perfectly. The music never sounds annoyingly in the whole game. The main protagonist sometimes while murdering says some harsh yelling, which appears more comically than hatefully. Sounds of weapons including reloading sound very realistic.


Even though authors have already planned lots of improvements, they should start with technical side and supplement the knowledge about the Unreal Engine 4. I have noticed few things that need to be upgraded: throwing explosive projectiles. It’s too slow and the angle and power of throwing would come in handy. I miss the choice to permanently highlight aggressive units in the option – it’s better for aiming. And I also miss the option to catch civilians and use them as a human shield or eventually a possibility to execute a standing person. By the way executions replenish your life. Amazing would be experience system or levelling profile of your character, which would be suitable for skirmish mode or endless wave mode. Cooperative mode could be about two psychopathic outcasts killing more politicians in other cities, after they had watched news about the murder of Downtowns politician and had been inspired. When you had started the apocalypse, I would also appreciate if other security forces such as rescuers and firemen would arrive. What needs to be improved is AI (artificial intelligence) because civilians can see you through the wall and stealth doesn’t work. Although civilians pick up dead persons weapons, they are able to go right in front of you for the weapon and get killed. Something like fear factor is missing here. Currently is just Top murderers leaderboard but I would appreciate some Time trial leaderboard too. One last thing that I would like to mention is running over by a car – it always instantly kills you compared to for example the grenade. I would be pleased if they would change the damage, which will depend on the angle and power of the hit. I don’t mention things that authors are going to do.


In conclusion I must say that Hatred is a great game, which is unnecessarily hated by family friendly gaming reviewers. And it’s just because they don’t know anything about origin games, and what games used to be. Users rating via Steam gaming platform says it all or it at least gives evidence how reviewers aren’t objective, and they don’t know for example the game Crusader: No Regret, which Hatred reminds me a lot. Hatred on highest difficulty is an interesting and tactical game. Now seriously, which of reviewers had actually finished the whole game on highest difficulty? I do! And I highly recommend this game!

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