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Hi, my name is Tom and I’m a gamer. I’m playing games over 20 years now, and I had experienced almost the beginning of the gaming industry and games themselves. I remember cassette tape games, games which you had to install from ten diskettes over today’s popular digital distribution.

Few years ago I thought, that I could exploit my gaming experience, and start recording walkthrough videos without commentary in the highest possible quality, that viewers could see everything and had the greatest enjoyment, and therefore they could decide if they want to buy the game or not. Unfortunately this kind of videos isn’t popular among the young audience these days which majority is on Youtube and walkthrough videos often can’t be monetized because of commercial content.

As licit games cost a lot of money and quality hardware for recording even more, I decided to establish my Patreon account and try this opportunity of donations directly from eventual audience. I funded all by myself purely from my money from my job so far. Earnings from YT are only few dollars per month and it often isn’t enough for purchasing an indie game in the value of 10$. When you watch my YT channel and how many videos I have recorded – It’s kinda a sad fact.

If I managed to get enough money for monthly game purchasing via Patreon, it would help me a lot and I would be so glad, because it would relieve my budget a lot. And the hardware – I would save up for that somehow. Unfortunately, if you aren’t a famous Youtuber, you don’t have a chance to break through in this world even though you want to offer something interesting and different even for future generations.

At the same time I’m also trying to do game reviews with my girlfriend which are always objective and they aren’t like online gaming magazines which are manipulated (= unobjective) for potential higher earnings and written for the sponsor’s satisfaction. Plenty of today’s gaming journalists don’t have any experience with games and they are strongly unobjective about games.

If you support me I will try to do my best for you all – more content in the highest possible quality that I can afford.

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