Tengami – Review
Tengami - Game Review

Tengami is an atmospheric adventure game from the Nyamyam gaming studio. The game is in the style of pop-up books, which some of you certainly knows from your childhood. You will enjoy this game at the first time, and you will even relax with it, but after it you will never run it anymore. Why? Well, we might have started little offensive, but it isn’t meant by that way.

We will start with the story, which is probably along the lines of Asian mythology, and it is trying to evoke a thought. The thought is silent, because you can’t hear any narrator’s word, which would definitely fit this game. Sometimes in the game you can’t hear anything, music is also missing and you only hear the murmur of the forest. Ok, I like sounds of the forest and the murmur of the waterfalls, especially if it’s a relaxing game like this one, but sometimes suddenly the music stops playing. Why am I mentioning it? The music in the game is absolutely delightful and fits perfectly into the surroundings, but thanks to continuous interruptions of music, it always returns me to earth from orgasmic cosmic trips. I would compare it to the situation, when a weed smoker is totally enjoying the chilling and suddenly a void comes. I am very sorry of this, because this game is really relaxing and we need to relax after a hard day.

Ok, we’re moving on. What can Tengami offer us more? Some kinds of element puzzles are here, which are really easy and it is escalating according to the difficulty of the world, which you are right in. I evaluate worse the similarity of two puzzle elements – you have to find out: how many pictures had you seen on the way to the safe and you have to build a road through the mountains. You will do each mentioned puzzle twice, once the easy version and the second time a little bit harder one. Unfortunately, this slight repetitiveness due to the shortness of the game also returns me to earth from the cosmic trip. The last thing that mars the atmosphere is conclusively systemic cursor, because authors didn’t create their own and original one for this game.

What can I say as a conclusion about Tengami? I would love to enjoy a moving background in this game, if only clouds moved from the right to the left. The whole Tengami world wouldn’t be so “dead”. I would also welcome more achievements, explorations and more active areas in the background. I really miss the narrator and the atmospheric background soundtrack, which won’t play all the time but just occasionally. Now the whole game is just “half-done” to me. I bought my Tengami game on Humble Bundle, when it was in the game bundle for 1$, but I unfortunately wouldn’t buy it at the full price on STEAM platform. Nevertheless I enjoyed my first playthrough of the game. As an indie game I rate Tengami slightly above average. The second playthrough of the game, which I played for the walkthrough video, didn’t evoke any emotions in me.

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