Daryl Dixon – Walking Dead – Wacky Wobbler – Funko | Unbox That Boiii! – Ep. 7

Daryl Dixon – Walking Dead – Wacky Wobbler – Funko

Product Daryl Dixon – Walking Dead – Wacky Wobbler:
After his truck runs out of gas, Daryl switches to the motorcycle owned by his brother until he has to leave it when fleeing the prison. The Walking Dead Biker Daryl Dixon Wacky Wobbler stands on a square base showing his name. The bobble-head displays a modeled face with great detail. Daryl wears a black jacket over his layered shirts, and he carries a knife in one hand and his crossbow slung over one shoulder. You can now collect one of your favorite characters from the hit AMC show in the form of this fantastic toy. Be sure to check out our Wacky Wobblers of other Walking Dead characters like Merle Dixon (FK-4050)!

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