Stranger Things – Eleven – Funko 5 Star | Unbox That Boiii! – Ep. 27

Stranger Things – Eleven – Funko 5 Star

Product Funko 5 Star – Stranger Things – Eleven
This Five Star Eleven figure by Funko from Stranger Things includes her iconic wig and box of Eggo waffles.

There are superheroes, and then…there are whatever Eleven is on Stranger Things. Part human, part otherworldly being, part gal pal, your favorite little telekinetic is now available as a cool collectible. Grab this 5 Star Stranger Things Eleven Figure and enjoy her removable blonde wig and Eggo accessories!

5 Star Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin and Eleven are ready for an epic adventure.

Mike is armed with a walkie talkie and flashlight, Will has a mixtape and sketch of the Upside Down, Lucas is prepared with a slingshot and binoculars, Dustin can help the group find its way with a compass and D’artagnan his pet slug and Eleven has her blonde wig and a box of Eggo waffles in case she gets hungry.

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